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Flip Chip

Semicon Light’s Original IP Technology Base

- Ag-Free Oxide Reflector Structure
- Superior Heat Dissipation for high reliability
- High Power and Excellent Reliability


No more Conventional Lead frame Process

- High Lumen Output per Area
- Low Thermal Resistance
- Flexible Design & Compact


Powerful UV LED for Sterilization

- Scalability as to the consuming electrical power
- Compatible of package process using flip chip

Featured Products


  • Flip Type with Epi Down
  • Customized High voltage solution
  • Ag Free Reflector
  • High Power and Reliability
  • UV, Blue, Green


  • Small and thin package
  • Package size – 1.3mm X 1.3mm X 0.35T
  • Wide CCT range 2700 – 10000K
  • Various CRI range 70 – 95Ra
  • Maximum Power 2W

UVC 3535

  • Lighting Color(Peak Wavelength): 260~280nm
  • Surface Mount Type LED Package
  • Wide view angle. (2Θ1/2=170deg)
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